Victory for Sage-grouse and Sportsmen

Victory for Sage-grouse and Sportsmen

Today marks and important step in the protection of America’s wildlife.

The Bureau of Land Management published final Environmental Impact Statements for updated Sage-grouse management plans. The plans ensure responsible management of Sage-grouse and their habitats, while also protecting access for sportsmen to tens of millions of acres of public lands across 11 western states. This represents significant progress toward protecting state management of Sage-grouse, mule deer, and other wildlife in America.

The updated plans build on BLM management plans adopted in 2015. The revisions better align the BLM land-use plans with state plans through proposed amendments developed with governors, state wildlife managers, and other stakeholders.

BigGame Forever has worked diligently over the past several years to support vital management efforts by western states to effectively conserve and restore Sage-grouse populations. The state programs also address other essential needs such as controlling wildfires, improving watersheds, and protecting abundant herds of elk, mule deer, and other big game species.

We appreciate the Trump administration’s efforts to ensure a brighter future for wildlife and hunting. The revised plans are great for the future of hunting, and also ensure sustainable and thriving wildlife populations while maintaining sportsmen’s access to our public lands.

Thank you for your support of state management of wildlife, improving our public lands, and ensuring an abundant future for America’s wild game.