Walther Arms Partners With ExpertVoice To Build Brand Experts

Walther Arms is thrilled to announce their new partnership with ExpertVoice. This partnership will allow experts associated with the outdoor and sporting goods industry to learn about Walther Arms and its products through interactive trainings and games. Through this platform experts will gain access to Walther firearm and accessory discounts which will allow for a more hands-on experience.

“We are excited to partner with ExpertVoice. We have performance leading products and the ExpertVoice platform allows us to educate and influence one of the most important groups of people in the firearms industry, the retail sales associate. Once people get a Walther in their hands, they’re fans for life.” said Neil Dickinson, National Sales Manager of Walther.

About ExpertVoice

ExpertVoice connects brands with a network of more than 1 million experts across more than 30 product categories. The platform gathers the most influential and trusted recommenders, increases and improves their recommendations, and puts their recommendations to work on behalf of more than 500 of the world’s top brands to increase sales to consumers.

If you work in sporting goods retail or in the outdoor industry and are the type of person who gets asked for recommendations on what to buy, then you may qualify as an expert.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up and affiliate – Sign up here and tell us about your job, hobbies and memberships to help ExpertVoice match you with the brands you’re passionate about.
  2. Explore Your Brand Feed – Your customized brand feed lets you explore exclusive content, connect with our brand, and show off all the cool things you do.
  3. Enjoy Your Perks – Learn about our brand and products, then use your exclusive discount to bring home your new favorite products, along with other benefits like new product previews, as well as exclusive brand and behind-the-scenes content.

About Walther Arms

Walther Arms offers Powered Performance with an entire line of handguns ranging from .22 to .45. Over the past 130 years, Walther has been devoted to innovation and customer satisfaction in a fast-growing industry. Follow and subscribe to Walther Arms online: www.WaltherArms.com, www.facebook.com/WaltherArms, www.instagram.com/waltherarms/, www.twitter.com/waltherfirearms, and www.youtube.com/waltherfirearms.