Weight Management for Serious Mountain Hunters

Boise, ID (Sept.16, 2019) – So you want to hit the backcountry? Loading a pack to access the steepest slopes and most remote sections of backcountry opens up a world of low-pressure big game opportunities. Secret mule deer hideaways, bachelor herds of bull elk in remote basins, safe from most hunters and game such as sheep and goats all call for a well-planned backpack.

Weight is the biggest challenge for a mountain athlete. The backcountry hunter requires essential gear that must perform when needed. Unlike a regular backpacking trip, hunters must pack along a suite of tools to be able to locate, harvest and process their game. Under normal circumstances, a big bag or box of gear sits in the truck for easy access, but in the backcountry, cutting the weight is necessary to increase your physical abilities. 

When it comes to the pack, a lightweight sleeping bag and tent, or even a bivy sack, is all that is required. An entire sleep system weighing under 5-pounds is possible. Water, dry food or a lightweight cook system and hunting layers will constitute the remainder of the pack essentials. On the hunting side, carry binos and a range finder, a sharp processing knife/sharpener, game bags, flagging for tracking and animal calls. The backcountry hunter must focus on whittling down the load for longer treks.

The rifle itself is a major burden when walking long distances. A lightweight rifle in the backcountry makes an incredible difference. Imagine spending a long day hike hauling around a heavy build rifle; shoulders knows the burden. Imagine taking that same load alongside a fully loaded pack for a few days, or even a week, in the backcountry.

2A Armament offers some of the lightest hunting rifles on the market. Models like our BLR-16 and the XLR-20 AR10 in 6.5mm Creedmoor are available in KUIU camo print, and they carry less than half the weight of many traditional hunting rifles. The XLR-20, for example, is a large caliber big game rifle that weighs less than 7-pounds. The strap is secured to your pack for long hikes and supports the pack while stalking and chasing big game. These rifles will save your shoulders on a serious mountain hunt. The combination of weight, performance, and durability is simply unbeatable. 

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