White River Knife & Tool Rough and Tough

White River Knife & Tool, Fremont, MI, December 19, 2019 – White River Knife & Tool produces affordable knives of custom quality with an emphasis on functionality, design, fit, finish and edge worthiness with every part and piece including manufacture all American made.

White River responds to customer requests demands and this year the company has had many black or natural color Micarta handle of burlap cloth to augment their current linen Micarta handle knives.

Burlap Micarta while not as dense as standard Micarta affords a rougher tooth for a better purchase especially if moist. There will be NO extra charge for this to customers and these may be purchased through a White River retailer.

If you are attending the 2020 SHOT Show or your favorite retailer is, a visit with the friendly family of knife makers at their SHOT Show booth 1114 (lower level), will prove interesting and rewarding.

White River Knife and Tool, Inc.

515 Industrial Drive

Fremont, MI 49412