Wild Sheep Society of British Columbia announces 1Campfire

Wild Sheep Society of British Columbia announces 1Campfire

Welcome to our Campfire

Reno Nevada USA- February 8 2019. The Wild Sheep Society of British Columbia has created 1Campfire, a platform designed to educate and enlighten the non- hunting community to the hunter gatherer way of life.
Across North America and around the globe, hunting opportunities are being reduced, emotionally challenged or even eliminated entirely. In many parts of the world, hunting and hunters are misunderstood if not outright reviled. This needs to change.

” We, as hunters and conservationists have a deep rooted connection to nature, to our food that some cannot understand. The goal of 1Campfire is to help those that do not know what we are about, to learn and embrace this connection. And to stand with us.”- Kyle Stelter, WSSBC President.

You love the outdoors, care about where your food comes from, and are concerned for the future of wildlife and the environment they need to survive, and so do we. And, although you may think our differences far outweigh our similarities, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

For more information on this groundbreaking project, please visit www.1Campfire.com

Welcome to our campfire. We have a story to tell.

About the Wild Sheep Society of BC

The Wild Sheep Society of BC is a non-profit registered Society dedicated to the protection and enhancement of wild sheep and wild sheep habitat throughout “Beautiful British Columbia”. Putting tens of thousands of volunteer hours and dollars into conservation projects in BC since 1998, the WSSBC is committed to its vision statement of ‘Putting more sheep on the mountains”.

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