Wildgame Innovations Announces Predictive Game Behavior with HuntStand™ Interface at ATA

Wildgame Innovations Announces Predictive Game Behavior with HuntStand™ Interface at ATA

Trail camera app combines photos with real-time data to analyze game behavior.

Louisville, Ky (January 9, 2019) – In advance of the annual Archery Trade Association (ATA) show this week, Wildgame Innovations will announce a product available in spring 2019 that will change the way hunters scout.

Wildgame Innovations combines trail cam photos with advanced data analytics to model predictive behavior of deer through the exclusive HuntStand™ Integration. All new 2019 Wildgame Innovations cameras will unlock exclusive access to HuntStand™ software features and benefits thanks to a new partnership. Compatible cameras are expected to ship this spring.

The app has an easy import for new or existing photos and users can quickly “tag” animals while filtering against data like weather, moon phase and geological data to build a profile for a specific animal. The patterns are based on the angle of entry, and the available data based on the time of the photo.

The result is a brilliant heat map, displaying hot spots and predictions for specific animal movements. Hunters will know when to sit in a particular stand and how to position the stand in a location based on wind, weather and the behavior profiles. With 40 GB of free storage, managing multiple locations and cameras is a breeze.

“Our hunters understand that information is often the best ammo. With the ability to now sync our cameras with HuntStand’s industry-leading software, hunters will get more from their cameras,” said Pete Angle, Vice President of Marketing. “Trail camera users hunger for more ways to be effective, and our exclusive partnership with HuntStand™ gives them an edge over even the most elusive game.”

Combining the best trail cameras with advanced software technology can help locate and predict movements from the most difficult bucks. The window of opportunity is often minute and utilizing intelligent analysis tactics will help you dial down the best window of opportunity to take a clean shot.

ATA attendees can learn more about the benefits of HuntStand™ and compatible Wildgame Innovations scouting cameras at booth #2705.

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