Wildgame Innovations® ZeroTrace™ Provides Continuous Concealment from Game

Grand Prairie, TX (August 7, 2019) – Ever since animals have been hunted, hunters have sought methods of improving the odds in their favor. In recent years, the array of scent cover sprays, lotions, shampoo, and soaps have dominated the efforts to remove or mask human scent from the areas we hunt.

No bigger than a coconut, ZeroTrace™ mounts easily in the stand or the blind to deliver continuous concealment from game. This revolutionary product uses the healthy flow of ion molecules to dispel nearby impurities in the air.

ZeroTrace™ is the only in-field system using PureION™ technology. PureION™ technology harnesses nature’s greatest hunter – the ion-molecule. Ions carry either positive or negative charges and quickly seek out and bond with nearby atoms to stabilize. Once this bond occurs, particulate matter in the air is neutralized. This process repeats as millions of ions wash over your stand or blind to reduce the chance of detection.

ZeroTrace™ is powered by a rechargeable battery that runs continuously for up to 6 hours* -safely dispersing molecules in a hunting area.  Hunters now have a smart alternative to existing scent-control methods that rely on harsh oxidation.

The durable TRUBark® texture conceals the ZeroTrace™ while working, and with a magnetic mount, it will surely fit any setup in the field. 

ZeroTrace™ Features

  • Approximately 6 hours of battery life
  • Rechargeable battery pack with USB port
  • An ultra-quiet fan evenly spreads healthy ion particles
  • Durable TRUBark™ texture for maximum concealment
  • Adjustable magnetic mount fits any setup
  • MSRP: $199.99

* When used on factory setting and not boost mode

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