Wildlife Education Fundraiser

Wildlife Education Fundraiser

Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation has launched its first ever t-shirt campaign fundraiser. Funds raised will be used to enhance our wildlife education program. Our goal is to provide youth more opportunities to experience the great outdoors. In a few short years, these youth will be making the decisions regarding critical environmental issues. We want to equip them so they make informed decisions concerning the importance of nature’s resources.

Our t-shirt design will appeal to youth and adults. It depicts a whimsical frog capturing his dinner. Shirts are available in pink, green and black. Since orders are placed directly with the print company, all sizes are available. Once our campaign closes on August 20th, orders will be shipped directly to buyers.

We call this t-shirt design WILD ABOUT NATURE. It is the first design in our Wild About … series. More lighthearted designs to come.

We hope you will support our fundraiser. Visit our website to access the link to place your order. Call our office at 434-476-7038 or email sue@wardburtonwildlife.org if you have any questions.

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