Wildlife Research Center Partners with Wallhanger TV

Wildlife Research Center Partners with Wallhanger TV

Wildlife Research Center®, the leader in scent and scent elimination, is proud to announce their new partnership with Pursuit Channel’s popular hunting team, Wallhanger TV. This powerhouse affiliation combines passionate hunting and family traditions with premium whitetail scent elimination and lure products. Catch the new season of Wallhanger TV on the Pursuit Channel Monday nights at 9pm central and view previous episodes on Pursuituptv.com

Chad and Dana Wall are the enthusiastic hosts of Wallhanger TV, a sensational hunting show focused on big game hunting that also integrates the importance of family and faith. The show takes viewers along with Chad and Dana, sharing their experiences and stories as they chase whitetail, turkeys, and other wild game.

Wildlife Research Center will support the hunting duo and provide them with premium lures like Trail’s End #307, Special Golden Estrus, and Active-Scrape, as well as the popular and proven effective scent elimination product Scent Killer Gold, available in sprays, laundry detergent, deodorants, field wipes, and more.

Watch Wallhanger TV on the Pursuit Channel this summer and follow the Wall’s on social media as they create new memories and encourage others through faith.

Wildlife Research Center® is known for its innovative products in scents and scent elimination. It is their extreme passion and superior quality that has propelled them to be the leader in the category. All products come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

“Helping hunters fill tags for 37 years!”

For more information on the entire line of scent elimination products and hunting lures from Wildlife Research Center®, visit www.wildlife.com.