Wildlife Research Center to Attend 2020 ATA Show

Wildlife Research Center, the leading name in scent management technology and attractant scents for hunting, will be displaying at the 2020 ATA show in Indianapolis January 9-11. Archery industry members are invited to stop by booth #1619 to see the latest scent systems and innovations from Wildlife Research Center.

Wildlife Research Center sets the industry standard for scent management with its broad line of Scent Killer and Scent Killer Gold lines. From scent eliminator spray to laundry detergent, personal care items and field wipes, the Scent Killer lines deliver A-Z scent elimination options that serious hunters have come to trust.

In addition to scent elimination technology, Wildlife Research Center also covers the attractant and cover scent categories with a full line up of natural and synthetic scents custom formulated to deliver results from early bow season until the late-season wrap-up.

Of course, the effectiveness of quality scents such as Wildlife Research Center’s Golden line of doe and buck scents are magnified with intelligent scent dispersal systems. The company’s broad line of drippers, wicks, and scent drags ensure maximum scent dispersal for any hunting situation.

To learn more about Wildlife Research Center’s full range of products, visit booth #1619 at the ATA show, or go to wildlife.com.