Enter For the Chance to Take Home this Exclusive Larger than Life Mystical Target

Janesville, WI — While the warmer season is just heating up, Rinehart Targets® is stomping into summer with the biggest ‘cool’ factor to hit the archery industry – the larger than life Abominable Snowman Target. And you won’t find this mystical seven-foot creature at your local archery shop. It’s an exclusive target made for one lucky winner of the 2018 Big Chill Summer Sweepstakes recently launched by Rinehart Targets. Simply enter the giveaway by filling out the quick entry form, and following Rinehart on either Instagram or Facebook. And just think, by summer’s end, you could have a new friend helping you perfect your shot for the fall season.

“We’re excited to provide our social media community with an exclusive opportunity to take home the unique, life-sized new Abominable Snowman target which incorporates the same high quality and durability expected from a Rinehart Target,” said James McGovern, President of Rinehart Targets. “Who knows, we may integrate the new Abominable Snowman into our full line in the near future; we encourage fans to stay connected with us on social media to find out. For now, our sweepstakes winner will own an original, one-of-a-kind,” he added.

Available second and third place sweepstakes prizes offer even more chances for fans of the brand to take home a Rinehart target. The ‘coolest’ Mini Polar Bear target will go to second place while the third place winner will get some good pre-season practice in on Rinehart’s flagship 18-1 target. All three winners will be announced on Rinehart’s Facebook and Instagram pages on August 15th.

The seven-foot tall Abominable Snowman Target is constructed of Rinehart’s legendary solid, self-healing UV-resistant foam. This means it will outlast years of shooting fun in even the harshest weather conditions. It also means the target will stop the fastest arrows in their tracks while making arrow removal so simple a child could do it. Like all Rinehart targets, the Rinehart Abominable Snowman is carefully sculpted with detail and meticulously hand painted with lifelike coloring, so don’t be surprised if it turns a few heads while waiting for your practice shots.

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