Winchester Introduces USA Ready, Select Grade Ammunition for Training and Competition

Winchester Introduces USA Ready, Select Grade Ammunition for Training and Competition

EAST ALTON, Ill., January 21, 2019 – With more than 50 million recreational target shooters across the United States, the popularity of time spent at a shooting range has never been greater. Winchester leans on its manufacturing excellence, introducing its USA Ready line of select grade ammunition and components.

Winchester USA Ready products provide a new option for competitors and target shooters that are looking for premium performance and components for their ammunition.  Flat nose or open tip bullets are used for optimum accuracy and Match Grade primers provide improved consistency.

In addition, Winchester will also include a unique lot code on each package that customers use online to look up the factory testing results for their specific lot of ammunition. The online resource ( will include velocity and pressure data from each manufactured lot.

USA Ready is the next step up when it comes to performance-built ammunition.

2019 offerings available in a full line of centerfire rifle and handgun calibers:

Caliber Symbol Bullet Weight Bullet Type Velocity
223 Remington RED223 62 grain Open Tip 3065 fps
300 Blackout RED300 125 grain Open Tip 2185 fps
308 Winchester RED308 168 grain Open Tip 2680 fps
6.5 Creedmoor RED65 125 grain Open Tip 2850 fps
45 Auto RED45 230 grain FMJ-Flat Nose 880 fps
40 S&W RED40 165 grain FMJ-Flat Nose 1060 fps
9mm Luger RED9 115 grain FMJ-Flat Nose 1190 fps

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