Winchester Silvertip® Ammunition Features New Look, Pack Size in 2020

EAST ALTON, Ill. (January 23, 2020) — When it comes to ammunition for personal defense, the Winchester Silvertip® Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) is a time-tested, proven round.   
Winchester Silvertip technology provides threat-stopping power across a wide variety of calibers and bullet weights. The engineered jacket profile is designed to ensure reliable functioning, precise accuracy and consistent expansion.

In 2020, Winchester Silvertip will be available in a 20-round pack size and feature a new packaging design.

Features of Winchester Silvertip Ammunition for Personal Defense:

  • Silvertip pistol ammunition offers tried-and-true personal defense technology that has been trusted for decades.
  • The jacketed hollow point bullets offer consistent expansion, stopping power and accuracy.
  • Offered in a variety of calibers and bullet weights, Silvertip products are available for most of the common personal defense handguns today.
  • New 20-round packs are convenient and priced to make them available to all personal defense consumers.

Pick up a box today at your local retailer.

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