Winter Storm Warning Don’t Get Caught in the Dark.

St. George, Utah (Feb. 19, 2019) -When the power goes out in your home, don’t be caught in the dark. HybridLight’s Atlas 600 Camping Lantern/Charger is the perfect answer.

With winter storms raging across the country, power outages are almost a given. When the lights go out, you reach in a drawer to grab a flashlight – but the batteries, long neglected, are dead. Your mobile device is almost out of juice, too. You’re stuck in the dark, with no way to call for help.

That wouldn’t happen if you had HybridLight’s Atlas 600 Camping Lantern/Charger in the house. The Camping Lantern is one of the brightest stars in the entire Hybrid Light lineup. It is waterproof, with a light that shines incredibly brightly that can be adjusted from 25 to 600 lumens. Best of all, you’ll get up to 100 hours of light on one full charge from the 4000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that holds a charge for up to 7 years. The built-in USB port also allows you to charge your mobile device while still using the light. Also featured is a Micro USB port for rapidly charging the Camping Lantern when the power’s back on, or you can simply use any light source, including the sun, to keep it charged through its built-in solar panel. The compact Camping Lantern weighs just 13 oz., is easy to store, extremely durable, waterproof, and it floats.

The Atlas 600 Camping Lantern is just one of HybridLight’s portable flashlights, lanterns, headlamps, and power panels that are the ultra-reliable go-to illuminators that you’ll want in every toolbox, glovebox, emergency kit, night stand and kitchen drawer. HybridLight is a pioneer of solar-powered mobile lighting and charging solutions designed for use whenever you need the power of the sun to shed light on all of your adventures – and emergencies.

HybridLight Atlas 600 Camping Lantern/Charger Features

* Charges mobile devices

* Recharges using any light sources or USB

* Extremely bright, adjustable LED light

* 100 hours of light on a full charge

* Extremely durable

* Holds a charge for up to 7 years

* MSRP: $49.95

Back in 2006, Terry Peterson began working on his vision for portable solar hybrid technology that would be dependable and affordable without concerns for dead batteries. This technology would then develop into a series of products that are fully rechargeable and more importantly tailored to charge phones, tablets, or anything with a USB port and optimal efficiencies. Now that’s bright thinking. Visit

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