WiseEye Feeders Joins QDMA as Corporate Partner

ATHENS, GA (April 6, 2018) – The Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) is pleased to announce that WiseEye Feeders, makers of feeders with species recognition technology, has joined the organization as a corporate partner.

“We are pleased to welcome WiseEye Feeders as QDMA’s newest corporate partner. Their innovative feeders fit the needs of many QDMA members especially well,” said QDMA CEO Brian Murphy. “WiseEye’s revolutionary species recognition technology ensures that only desired species of wildlife like white-tailed deer are allowed to consume feed rather than undesirable species like raccoons and wild hogs. Not only will this reduce feed costs and maximize benefits to deer, but it will also help limit reproduction and spread of undesirable species.”

WiseEye Feeders allow users to have complete control over their feeding situation by utilizing the patented Species Recognition Technology and operating system. Each feeder integrates flush-mount cameras that allow you to select which species you want to feed and which you want to deter. If a non-target species like a feral hog approaches the feeder, the doors close and access to the feed is denied. The doors re-open after non-target animals are gone and remain open for deer.

Features found on WiseEye Feeders include a solar panel, solar regulator, flush-mount cameras with motion sensors, contained control box and battery and GameSmart software. Feeding technology includes the SmartFlo internal gravity feeding system that ensures feed is dispensed equally. Feed bins do not allow claws to get under doors and provide 200 pounds of downward force to prevent unwanted species from feeding until the system detects a target species.

“The core values held by QDMA and its members perfectly align with those of WiseEye’s,” said Shane Odom, CEO. “WiseEye looks forward to working alongside QDMA to advance those values throughout our industry and among those who love our sport.”

For more information about WiseEye Feeders, visit their website at https://www.wiseeyefeeders.com/. To see a video of the Wiseye Feeder in action, click here.

About QDMA

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