Women are one of tomorrow’s mountain sports pillars

  • Unveiling of the new mountain sports brand of the Oberalp Group
  • Results of an international semiotic analysis conducted to understand women’s needs related to sports
  • SALEWA, DYNAFIT, WILD COUNTRY, EVOLV and POMOCA present their winter 2021 highlights

The very successful edition of the first Oberalp Virtual Convention in spring 2020 and the persisting restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic have confirmed the decision of the family owned-company to go for the second edition of the Oberalp Convention in a digital format. The go-live of the platform convention.oberalp.com is set-up for October 29th, 5pm CET.

As announced by the Group last fall, the newcomer under the roof of Oberalp’s house of brands will be revealed by Ruth Oberrauch, Member of the Executive Board.

The last edition focused on climbing and trail running as the future mountain sports pillars. To this end, the company has deeply analyzed the outdoor sports industry from every angle and identified another pillar worth dedicating one full edition of the convention to: women. Karmasin Behavioural Insights, one of the most established behavioral research institutes in Vienna (Austria), was commissioned by Oberalp to conduct a semiotic analysis on women and mountain sports. “The study gave us great insights on women’s desires and wishes regarding mountain sports apparel and equipment. We now have the chance to redefine our standards on how we engine women’s

The Oberalp Group is a family-owned company based in Bolzano in northern Italy. Founded by Heiner Oberrauch in 1981, the company currently has around 700 employees. In addition to the development and production of mountain products by the company’s own brands, the company also acts as a distribution partner for internationally renowned sports brands. Originally from Munich, Salewa has been part of the Oberalp Group since 1990. Over the years, the Group’s portfolio has been expanded with the brands Dynafit, Pomoca, Wild Country and the newest member Evolv. Time and again, the family-run company makes courageous decisions, treads new paths and actively promotes the innovative design of products, processes and approaches. Mindfulness and sensitivity in dealing with the environment and people as well as a passion for sports and the mountains form the foundation of the company culture. Since 2018, the Oberalp Group has published its sustainability report “Contribute” every year alongside its financial statement. For the fourth time in a row, Oberalp
has been the only company in Italy to be awarded with “Leader” status by the NGO Fair Wear Foundation. www.oberalp.com products.”, says CEO Christoph Engl. “We don’t want to make women’s products by just translating, adapting, and slightly rearranging what we develop for men.”, continues Engl.

The Oberalp Group with its brands SALEWA, DYNAFIT, WILD COUNTRY, EVOLV, and POMOCA achieved more than 37.000 clicks on its platform last May during the Oberalp Convention and is further investing in digital
product presentations, 360° virtual showrooms, interactions and digital get-togethers. For the upcoming edition, the Italian based company is working on a very new unique type of fashion show, something never seen before in the outdoor industry. Besides the Oberalp Virtual Convention, the Group announced public viewing events for small groups of selected dealers in strategic key locations. “The past six months have taught us that personal relations are becoming more and more important. We work in the people business, and it is important for us to stay in close personal contact with our partners.”, says Christoph Engl, CEO of the Group.