ASHLAND, Ore. (November 12, 2019) — Work Sharp Outdoor, the leading manufacturer of knife and tool sharpeners, launches three new compact, manual sharpeners, the EDC Pivot, EDC Pivot PLUS, and the EDC Pivot Pro Knife Sharpeners. All three sharpeners can easily be placed in your backpack, toolbox or tackle box, and are the perfect solution to sharpening and honing straight and serrated knives.

Work Sharp’s series of EDC Pivot knife sharpeners offer a true convex edge for superior retention and durability, while the fine-grit, ceramic rods hone the edge to factory level sharpness. The Pivot Response Technology follows the curve of the blade when sharpening, making it easier and more consistent.
Each sharpener has an additional medium-grit diamond sharpening surface for touching up knives and tools, while the Pivot PLUS Sharpener offers a tapered diamond rod for touching up serrations or fine edge tools, and the Pivot Sharpener has a groove for sharpening fish hooks.

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The EDC Pivot Pro takes it another step further featuring two additional sharpening modules, one for fine edge lawn and garden tools, and the other for scissors and shears. It’s handheld design is effective when using on a workbench or countertop, out in the yard or while you’re in camp. It also includes a detachable handle for convenient use.
“The EDC Pivot and Pivot Plus Knife Sharpener offer fast, easy and effective ways to sharpen any knife you own, and the EDC Pivot Pro is ideal for scissors, garden tools, pruners and more,” said Kyle Crawford, Work Sharp Brand Manager. “We talk and listen to our valued customers, and these sharpeners meet their requests. It’s important to have a great relationship with our customers and continue developing high-value sharpening solutions that work.”
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About Work Sharp Outdoor
Work Sharp Outdoor is a division of Darex, a 4th-generation, family-owned business in Ashland, Oregon. Darex has produced industry-leading sharpening tools for more than 45 years. Work Sharp’s complete line of manual and power sharpeners is trusted by hunters and craftsmen worldwide; its longstanding reputation is built on exceptional products that make sharpening faster and easier than other systems in the market, without compromising performance. Today, Darex is over 100 co-workers strong and has sold over 8 million sharpeners since 1973.