Writer Andrew McKean Tackles P&Y Most Commonly Asked Questions

Writer Andrew McKean Tackles P&Y Most Commonly Asked Questions

Following up on their successful rebrand, and continued focus on Preserving, Promoting, and Protecting the future of bowhunting, Outdoor Writer Andrew McKean sat down with Pope and Young to answer some of the most frequently asked questions they receive, and clear up common misconceptions about the organization.  

“I’ve been a fan and member of Pope and Young for years, but even I had a number of questions regarding the organization” stated McKean.  “So, when given the opportunity to sit down with them and dig in deeper, I jumped at the chance.” 

The result of this in-depth discussion was an answer to some of the most common questions including:

  • Who can join Pope & Young Club? 
  • Do I have to kill a record-book animal in order to be invited to P&Y’s annual convention? 
  • Can I hunt with a compound bow and still submit my trophy animal to the club? 
  • Who exactly were/are Pope and Young?  
  • Why should I become a member?  

The full article and answers to these and more questions can be found here.

“We wanted to put together an expanded FAQ page on our new website to help bowhunters understand what Pope and Young is, and its mission to preserve, promote, and protect bowhunting.  Andrew did such an amazing job, that we simply incorporated his work into the site,” stated P&Y Director of Marketing Dylan Ray.

Pope and Young is North America’s leading bowhunting conservation organization. If you are a fair chase, ethical bowhunter, and you care about preserving the culture and future of bowhunting, then you belong to the Pope & Young Club.  Join today at www.pope-young.org.