ZORE Launches Teacher Discount in Support of National Train a Teacher Day

ZORE Launches Teacher Discount in Support of National Train a Teacher Day

Unique Gun Lock Technology to Keep Firearms Secure and Quickly Accessible in School Environments

Jerusalem, Israel, May 17, 2018ZØRE, maker of the world’s fastest locked-to-loaded gun lock, announced today its support for the National Train a Teacher Day (NTATD) initiative and the launch of its teacher discount program to encourage secure gun storage in schools. The lock, designed to secure firearms from unauthorized users while allowing rapid access, is portable and allows users to secure firearms in any location.

“The ZORE X gun lock is a robust well-constructed device. It is by far the best ‘on the gun’ locking mechanism that I have seen,” said Klint Macro, co-founder of the NTATD initiative. “ZORE X is an excellent option for keeping firearms safe and ready in any environment. Teachers, school staff or administrators that have the ability to be legally armed in school and cannot carry on body, should consider this device as a way to secure their particular tool of defense.”

National Train A Teacher Day is the brainchild of Grant Gallagher of ScotShot in New Jersey and Klint Macro, founder of Trigger Pressers Union, based in Pittsburgh, PA. NTATD is a grass roots movement from the professional firearms training community where instructors from across the country offer free training to teachers, school administrators and staff on May 19th, 2018. Participating instructors are offering a variety of training including medical, concealed carry and tactical active shooter training.

“As a retired Ohio teacher and current NRA basic firearm instructor, the securing of firearms is sacrosanct in my classes,” said Joseph V Kocian of the K-Teach Training Academy in Ohio. “The ZORE lock is a security system that truly surpasses my expectations in a firearm safety lock. Firearm locks, in my estimation, must secure a firearm and be quickly removable.”

“ZORE was created to provide a secure, fast-access and portable solution for firearms storage,” said Bruno Escojido, CEO of ZORE. “Firearms in schools can save lives but it is important that steps are taken to ensure that they don’t fall into the wrong hands and turn from an asset to a liability. The feedback we’ve received from educators and professionals has confirmed our belief that ZORE can play a key role in this environment.”

The ZØRE X keeps handguns ready to fire within seconds, but completely safe from unauthorized users through its patent-pending technology. The cartridge-shaped lock, placed in the gun’s chamber, is secured through a unique combination-lock dial, RAPIDialTM, which allows for swift unlocking under any circumstances, including complete darkness. Once a user inputs the code, one simple charging motion both ejects the ZØRE X lock and chambers a fresh round.

The caliber-specific lock is currently available in 9mm, with plans to roll out .40 and .45 caliber versions in the coming months. In addition, an AR15 5.56 version and ZORE’s Alert series, which will include connectivity feature for increased awareness, are both currently in development.

About ZØRE

ZØRE is an innovative gun safety solutions provider that produces the world’s fastest locked-to-loaded gun lock. The company was founded and is staffed by Israeli Defense Forces veterans. The company’s products combine cutting-edge technology with tried-and-true mechanical locking to create the ideal solutions for gun owners to keep their guns safe from the hands of children or other unauthorized users, but immediately accessible by the owner at critical moments. The company’s RAPIDial technology allows for quick, non-visual unlocking and the lock’s unique design ejects the lock and chambers a live cartridge in one simple charging motion.

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